Adult learning

ASL's adult learning program carries out the School's mission to encourage lifelong learning. We hope that parents, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of ASL will enjoy participating in the following educational opportunities.

Virtual master classes with Alice Leader

Literature of the Blitz

We have lived through one of the strangest times in human history, when the whole world was at risk of catching COVID-19. In lockdown, we found ourselves distracted and disorientated. But Londoners during the Blitz experienced something just as sudden and dramatic:

“When the first bombs fell on London in August 1940, the city was transformed overnight into a strange kind of battlefield. For most Londoners, the sirens, guns, planes and bombs brought sleepless nights, fear and loss. But for a group of writers, the war became an incomparably vivid source of inspiration, the blazing streets scenes of exhilaration in which fear could transmute into love.” —Goodreads

Brilliant novels were written, including The End of the Affair by Graham Greene, The Heat of the Day by Elizabeth Bowen, and Caught by Henry Green. And Penelope Fitgerald’s Human Voices, her memoir about working at the BBC during the Blitz, is extraordinary. We meet on Zoom, Wednesdays, 22 September-10 November, 2:30 pm. Join us to dive into another era and get lost in great stories. Course cost is £300. 

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Wild Women

In the 5th century BC, Sophocles wrote Antigone, a play in which this young woman has the courage to do what she believes is right, following the loss of her brother Polynices, despite knowing the king’s opposition to her actions. The consequences of her rebellion are staggering. In 2017, former ASL Bergeron Fellow Kamila Shamsie wrote a contemporary reimagining of Sophocles’ AntigoneHome Fire is an urgent, fiercely compelling story of loyalties torn apart when love and politics collide. Charlotte Brontë created Jane Eyre, the rebellious child who inspired young Hilary Mantel to insist upon her own significance and to write. And Jane goes on to discover Mrs. Rochester in the attic. Wide Sargasso Sea is a 1966 novel by Dominica-born British author Jean Rhys. It is a feminist and anti-colonial response to Brontë’s Jane Eyre, describing the background to Mr. Rochester’s marriage from the point-of-view of his wife, Antoinette Cosway, a Creole heiress. We meet on Zoom, Thursday, 23 September-11 November, 2:30 pm. Join us to discuss how these women coped, insisted and sometimes triumphed. Course cost is £300. 

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