Principle 5: Revise our programs, offerings, schedules, events and operations to reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission

Programmatic changes

In all divisions, the largest change for our students will be the implementation of student cohorts or “bubbles.” Keeping students in specific cohorts during the school day reduces the number of interactions for all, and thus helps to manage the possible spread of the virus. We will carefully monitor and record the membership of the cohorts in order to be able to follow through on local health authority guidance should a COVID-19 outbreak occur on campus.  

Also, for all three divisions, we are developing outside locations on the Waverley campus for use as learning spaces. Our goal is to increase the use of outside spaces as much as possible. 

The following are the key divisional and departmental mitigations and changes planned for the start of semester 1. As conditions and guidance change, these will be reviewed and updated. 

For specifics and procedures about parent visits and events, the use of masks, handwashing, enhanced cleaning, transportation, lunch and catering, and facilities changes, please visit the all-school access to campus and operational and facilities changes pages.

Access to campus  Operational and facilities changes