Diversity, equity and inclusion spaces

Affinity groups

Affinity groups provide a safe and free environment where members can be their whole authentic selves. Affinity groups serve as places of support, affirmation and empowerment. The term affinity group at ASL describes a group of people who have an identifier in common (e.g., race, gender, religion, family construction, etc.). Affinity groups are for individuals who can speak to the experience of being a member of the group from the “I” perspective. ASL recognizes the vital role affinity groups play in creating an inclusive environment where all are valued, included and empowered to succeed.

Current affinity groups for ASL employees are listed below. There are also affinity groups for students and we are looking to support the creation of affinity groups for families.

  • ASL Community of Color

  • ASL LGBTQ+ Community Group

  • ASL Women's Network

  • Jewish Affinity Group

  • Fertility Affinity Group

Anti-racism Enquiry Group

A group of ASL employees has identified a series of resources from Building Anti-Racist White Educators—intended for white educators to talk to other white educators, with the purpose of moving toward becoming more active anti-racist allies. We are interested in opening a space for all ASL employees to explore these resources. All are welcome to participate and we envision this as a space without experts, where all participants work together.

Anti-racism Enquiry Group Google Site