Jane Foster

23 August 2018
Safeguarding Seminar for Coaches and Athletic Trainers

31 January 2019
Managing Allegations and Low Level Concerns

Jane Foster is a consultant to the Safeguarding Unit at Farrer & Co. with specialist expertise in safeguarding and child protection, particularly in regard to promoting safe organizational culture and safeguarding in the workplace. Jane was, until July 2016, the Tri-Borough (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and City of Westminster) Safe Organisations Manager and Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO). As Tri-Borough LADO and coordinator of the Pan-London LADO network Jane played a key role in keeping many of London’s children safe and is a well-known figure to many private, public and third sector organizations working with children. Jane was a panel member on Dame Moira Gibb’s 2016 Serious Case Review into the abuse by William Vahey at Southbank International School and is working (alongside other members of the Farrer & Co Safeguarding Unit) with the International Task Force for Child Protection. The Safeguarding Seminar for Coaches and Athletic Trainers is specifically designed for coaches and adults working in athletics and will focus on preventive safeguarding of children in sports.

Managing Allegations and Low Level Concerns is designed to support supervisors in handling allegations and low level concerns in an effective, caring and thorough manner than puts student safety at the heart. This training focuses on management of allegations brought against school staff and volunteers. The session will review the importance of hiring the right people to work with children and the checks and balances tp put in place to assist this initial process. Jane Foster (previously allegations manager (LADO) for Tri-borough Children's Services) will describe the modus operandi of offenders and outline the process for managing allegations and concerns locally. The final part of the session will concentrate on common themes from national and international reviews of cases where adults have abused children and what we can learn about the role of organizational culture in the prevention of abuse.

Greg Dale

26 September 2018
Middle Leader Training: Being a Leader Others Want to Follow: Do You Have What It Takes?

Gregory A Dale is a former middle and high school teacher and coach in New York City and San Antonio, Texas. Currently, Greg is a professor of Sport Psychology and Sport Ethics at Duke University. He is also Director of the Sport Psychology and Leadership Programs for Duke Athletics. In addition to his roles at Duke, Greg provides engaging, interactive and impactful programming for educators, parents and students throughout the world. He has written five books and has served as an expert on a series of videos on the topics of teaching, leadership, coaching, parenting and performance as well as the feature length documentary Winning. In this interactive activity-based workshop, leaders will look at how they most effectively can lead their teams/departments with a particular focus on character and courage, communication, and diversity.

Lynne West

29-30 October 2018, Feb 25- March 1 2019
K-12 world languages and cultures consulting

After spending 17 years both teaching and leading teachers in K-12 schools in San Jose, California, Lynne West founded Sunodia Educational Consulting to share her passion for teaching with her fellow educators. As a teacher, she used her foundation in backward curricular planning and cooperative learning to design creative and engaging lessons for her students. In 2016, she was a recipient of a Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching grant and spent six months conducting a research project in the Netherlands on language learning methodologies. Lynne has presented workshops on cooperative learning, differentiated instruction, backward planning, and teaching with technology.  In addition, she provides personalized instructional coaching sessions. Lynne earned her teaching credential from Santa Clara University, her masters in Classics from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and her BA in Ancient Greek and Latin from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Jennifer Abrams

2 November 2018
Middle Leader Training
Swimming in the Deep End

Jennifer Abrams is an international educational and communications consultant. Jennifer trains and coaches educators and others in new employee support, supervision, being generationally savvy, having hard conversations and effective collaboration skills. In her educational consulting work, Jennifer has presented at annual conferences such as Learning Forward, ASCD, NASSP, NAESP, AMLE, ISACS and the New Teacher Center Annual Symposium, as well as at the Teachers’ and Principals’ Centers for International School Leadership. Jennifer’s publications include Having Hard Conversations, The Multigenerational Workplace: Communicating, Collaborating & Creating Community and Hard Conversations Unpacked – the Whos, the Whens and the What Ifs. Jennifer writes a monthly newsletter/blog, Voice Lessons, available for reading at and subscribing to on her website,

"Swimming in the Deep End," a day long workshop for instructional middle leaders, provides support, a laugh, and some cognitive, social and psychological resources to help leaders communicate more effectively, confidently and collaboratively, no matter their role. Participants will assess their cognitive, social and psychological skill sets, learn more about decision making and implementation of decisions, the complexity of it all and where we ‘trip up’, look at the research around why we are resistant to change and develop tool kit for how to manage resistance and develop a bandwidth and strength around psychologically managing our ourselves and building our stress tolerance.

Kristen Pelletier

10 December 2018, 5-8 March 2019

Kristen has taught students and adults with a range of special educational needs since 1992; first in Maine in public school, and then at the International School of Brussels where she was the  Head of Student Support Services. Kristen holds an undergraduate degree in special education with a specialization in cognitive and developmental disabilities and an MA in K-12 Educational Administration. Kristen’s focus in leading inclusive practices and support models is based on collaborative, multidisciplinary teaming to identify student strengths and root causes of needs, so that interventions can be developed. She continues to design integrated and connected school-based systems of support and challenge which promote mutual benefit for all learners. She is a founding director of the Next Frontier: Inclusion movement launched in 2010, is an associate trainer for Education Across Frontiers and teaches for the Teacher Training Center.

As a consultant to ASL, Kristen co-led the audit of our student support services program and has supported our own ongoing work in ensuring that all children’s diverse needs are met.  She has expertise in differentiation and creating programs and structures that support learning for all. ASL is very pleased to have her return. In 2018-19, she will support both learning specialists in the implementation of the revised AIEP and multi-tiered system of support and classroom teachers in differentiated instruction and assessment.

Mike Smith

19 November 2018
Safeguarding Seminar for Safeguarding Team

Mike Smith is a nationally known expert in safeguarding and licensed social worker. Through this interactive seminar and the use of case studies, the safeguarding team will deepen their understanding of current best practice in the areas of online safety, peer on peer abuse and sexual harassment. This is an excellent opportunity for the team to also dive deep into the implications of the new KCSIE framework (effective 3 September 2018) with special attention to the new guidance on sexual violence and sexual harassment between children. The overall framework is how to ensure the school environment promotes well-being and social emotional health.


Jeff Berger-White

19-20 November 2018
Institute for Writing and Thinking, Bard College

Jeff Berger-White teaches English at Deerfield High School in Illinois, where he currently teaches seniors in an A.P. Literature and Composition and sophomores in a course designed for struggling readers. For ten years, Jeff team-taught a 20th Century History and Literature course and led staff development for teachers who were part of an interdisciplinary team. During over twenty years of high school teaching, Jeff has been nominated four times for the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching and was selected once as Golden Apple’s Teachers of Distinction. Jeff has been involved with the Institute for Writing and Thinking at Bard College since 1996. The high school English department is very pleased to have Jeff return to write and think with them in his capacity as an adjunct member of Bard College’s IWT.  With the principles of the Institute for Writing and Thinking as the foundation, the teachers collectively explore the writing process through writing together and responding to each other’s work.  This close examination of the writing process supports the continued development of K-12 English program. Learn more about Bard College’s Institute for Writing and Thinking.


Glenn Singleton

26-27, 28 November 2018

We are very pleased to have Glenn Singleton return to ASL to offer the two-day Beyond Diversity seminar and a separate training for the senior leadership team, academic leadership team and the diversity, equity and inclusion leaders. Glenn E. Singleton has devoted over thirty years to constructing racial equity worldwide and developing leaders to do the same. He is the author of Courageous Conversations About Race: A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools (2006), a protocol for sustained, deep dialog, and the creator Beyond DiversityTM, the curriculum that has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to use it. As President and Founder of Pacific Educational Group, Inc. (PEG), Singleton has created an agency that has developed racially conscious leaders in a variety of sectors: education, government, business, law enforcement, and community organizing among them. The work has been transformative and far-reaching. In September 2015, The United States Embassy selected PEG to guide law enforcement leaders throughout Western Australia. Singleton launched the first Institute for Courageous Conversation – in New Zealand. In the US, Singleton has served on statewide commissions for racial equity in New York and California, and all the while he has stayed true to his hometown, Baltimore, the premiere and two-time host of PEG’s National Summit for Courageous Conversation.

Singleton’s passion for equity flows to and through his civic life as well. He is the founder of the Foundation for a College Education of East Palo Alto, California, an agency responsible for the collegiate admission and graduation of hundreds of students. Accolades for his work include The 100 Black Men of the Bay Area Community Service Award in 2015 and The Eugene T. Carothers Human Relations Award in 2003. A graduate of The University of Pennsylvania (BA) and Stanford University (MA), Singleton is also member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. He currently resides in San Francisco, California.

In the two-day Beyond Diversity seminar, participants learn and engage in the protocol as they examine their own biases and beliefs. Learn more about this transformative experience. If you would like to participate, understand that you are committing to two full days from 8 am-3:45 pm. Contact Robyn Chapel, to sign up if you have not already done so. On November 28, the senior leadership team, academic leadership team and the diversity, equity and inclusion leaders will engage in a day long workshop on Leading for Inclusion with Glenn Singleton.


Paul Andersen

25 February-1 March 2019

We are pleased to have Paul Andersen return to work with our K-12 science team as we continue to implement the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and vertically align the curriculum. Paul is an educational consultant and experienced science teacher having taught science in Montana for 20 years and was the 2011 Montana Teacher of the Year and one of four finalists for the 2011 National Teacher of the Year in the United States. He is also a YouTube creator and was selected by YouTube as one of ten YouTube Edu Gurus. Paul’s work focuses on NGSS, educational technology and effective classroom design and he has provided training for thousands of educators across the globe. His work supports our K-12 team in deeply embedding the scientific and engineering practices in the curriculum so that our students have the opportunity to develop the habits of mind and behaviors of scientists. Learn more about Paul’s work at and

Alex Myers

4-7 March 2019

Alex Myers is a teacher, speaker, writer, and advocate for transgender rights. Since coming out as transgender in 1995, he has worked with schools across the country, helping them create gender inclusive policies, practices, and facilities. Alex is also an author; his essays have appeared in the Guardian, Slate, Newsweek, Salon, and variety of other journals. He has a novel, Revolutionary, that was published by Simon & Schuster in 2014, and two forthcoming: Continental Divide, from University of New Orleans Press, and Between Dreams from HarperCollinsUK.


Google Certified Educator Bootcamp

We are pleased to offer this professional development opportunity for faculty and staff to learn how to successfully implement and extend G Suite for Education into their teaching practice to enhance teaching & learning and the day-to-day tasks for productivity. These workshops boost faculty/staff confidence with digital learning strategies and G Suite for Education tools and increase digital citizenship and digital literacy skills among faculty and staff and enable them to contribute to digital citizenship education. ASL works with AppsEvents, a Google Education partner, who will deliver the training. Registration will be communicated by the Director of Technology.

Cost is £175 pp for two day Bootcamp; £125 pp for one-day Bootcamp. ASL provides lunch and snack catering for participants and trainers.