Positive Discipline


2-3 February 2019

Course info and speaker bio

Classroom management controls students from the outside. Classroom leadership empowers students to control themselves from within. Are you ready to stop “managing” students and learn tools for effective classroom leadership? Positive discipline can help.
Hundreds of schools use these strategies for restoring order and civility to classrooms. Use this philosophy as a foundation for fostering cooperation, problem-solving skills and mutual respect in children.
During the course, you'll discover how to:
  • create a classroom climate that enhances academic learning
  • use encouragement rather than praise and rewards
  • instill valuable social skills and positive behavior through the use of class meetings
  • understand the motivation behind students' behavior instead of looking for causes.
Learning objectives
  • understand motivations for misbehavior and how to respectfully encourage change in ways that eliminate most discipline problems
  • be able to identify the four mistaken beliefs that lead to misbehavior
  • learn how to encourage students and set limits using kindness and firmness at the same time
  • learn tools to effectively lead a classroom based on cooperation and mutual respect instead of control
  • learn how to teach students the eight building blocks for effective class meetings
  • learn how to teach life skills (self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, problem solving, etc.) so that students can cooperate and learn successfully in the classroom
  • learn a useful set of problem-solving steps for really "tough" problems
  • have a deeper understanding of human behavior and what motivates positive change
  • have a set of resource materials for future reference.


Joy Marchese, M.A., is a mother, author, educator, and well-being advocate. For more than 20 years, Joy has worked with thousands of children, parents and teachers to help foster a happy and flourishing environment in the home and in schools. Joy is the founder of Positive Discipline UK. She runs a successful coaching practice and offers seminars and workshops to various schools and organizations throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. Before moving from New York City to London, Joy had a private practice as a holistic health counselor and was program director for an educational nonprofit organization working to build resiliency with at-risk youth. Joy lives with her baby daughter and husband in London.