Professional learning and development

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Upcoming PD at ASL



Audience and registration

17-20 June

Carolyn McKanders and Kristie Dila
Adaptive Schools

Open to all educators
Course info & SCHEDULE

18-23 June Miles Dunmore and Tineke Spruytenburg
International Schools Educators Retreat

Open to all educators
Course info & registration

27 September Mike Smith
Safeguarding Seminar
ASL safeguarding team
30 September-4 October Steven Leinwand
MS and HS math curriculum
4-6 October

ASL GATE: Global Art Teachers Exchange

All visual arts educators

Workshop details

28 October-1 November Paul Andersen
K-12 science curriculum
ASL science educators
13-15 November Jenny Killion
MS English curriculum
ASL English educators
25-26 November Trevor MacKenzie
K-12 social studies curriculum
ASL social studies educators and TILM team
27 November (1/2 day PD day) Reaching and Teaching all Learners
Keynote: Trevor MacKenzie
Followed by teacher-led workshops
ASL educators

16-17 December
(PD days)

Glenn Singleton
Beyond Diversity

Jan Chappuis
Effective Assessment Practices

Colin McCarty, Jennifer Towleh and Lesley Yeo
Agency Through Inquiry

ASL faculty and staff
20-22 January Jeff Berger White
Bard College's Institute for Writing and Thinking
ASL HS English

Past speakers and courses

Courses and workshops

  • Beyond Diversity, Glenn Singleton
  • Sexuality Education, Susie March, registered nurse and health educator
  • Critical Conversations, Ryan Burke and Leadership+Design

  • Leading Teams, Gary Gruber and Nancy Lhoest-Squicciarini

  • Atlas Rubicon, Curriculum Mapping and Standards

  • English Grading and Reporting, Grace Chiu

  • On Grading, Ken O'Connor

  • Mollie Cura, LS ELA; Writer's Workshop and Conferring

  • Responsive Classroom Training

  • The Learning Institute @ ASL

  • Learning Through Data: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Assessment Results to Improve Student Learning, Alethea Young and Karen Bonthrone
  • NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute: Wilderness First Aid Course

  • Design Thinking, Making, and Un-Making Across the Curriculum, Elizabeth Perry  

  • Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) Training, Mike Antoniades

  • Backward Design and Unit Planning @ ASL, Roberto d'Erizans, Alethea Young, and various ASL faculty facilitators

  • Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way; Positive Discipline in the Classroom, Joy Marchese, MA, CPDT

  • Projects in Technology Integration Workshop, Elizabeth Perry 

  • PREPaRE Workshop 2 - Crisis Intervention and Recovery: The Roles of School-Based Mental Health Professionals, Melissa Ann Reeves

  • Mel Maddelene, Sensory Integration Workshop

  • Liz Parry, Engineering is Elementary


  • Toni Cameron, math consultant
  • Kristen Pelletier, learning support consultant
  • Paul Andersen, consultant, Bozeman Science
  • Abby Laber, Bard Writing to Think Institute
  • Jeff Berger-White, consultant and instructor with The Bard College Institute for Writing and Thinking
  • Lynne West, instructional coach and consultant, "Aligning Authentic Assessment to Standards in the World Language Classroom"
  • Kyle Ennis, MS/HS world languages
  • Lois Hetland, performing arts consultant
  • Howard Pitler, technology auditor and specialist
  • Catherine Steiner-Adair, educational psychologist
  • Rosetta Lee, diversity consultant and trainer
  • Lois Hetland, visual arts and assessment consultant
  • David Pearson, literacy and science consultant
  • Michael Thompson, educational psychologist
  • Anne Kennedy, science consultant,
  • Ted Willard, NSTA, science consultant, Next Generation Science Standards
  • Bambi Betts, team leader/department head training