Laptop rollout 2021-22

This page is for parents/guardians of middle school students who will be taking laptops home each day. However, parents of grade 7 and 8 students who were at ASL last year do not need to watch this video or fill out the form below since it was already done last year.

Before your child's laptop goes home, please watch the video below, download and read the three documents below the video, and then check the boxes and submit the form at the bottom of this page to acknowledge that you understand your responsibilities as a partner in this school laptop program.

There is no need to print the following documents, but please download and read them before checking the boxes at the bottom of this page. Clicking each link should open the document in a new browser window. Right-click or ctrl-click each link to download the file rather than view it in the browser.

Middle School Laptop Computer Use Agreement 2021-22
Middle School Standards for Proper Laptop Care 2021-22
Middle School Laptop Use Acknowledgement Form 2021-22


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