The lower school program:

  • Encourages children to explore their world
  • Challenges them to think critically
  • Promotes creativity
  • Strives for continuous growth in an environment in which children experience the excitement of learning.

At ASL, the curriculum is designed to help children to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners, while fostering concern and commitment to the group as a whole. We strive to accomplish these goals through the ASL Portrait of a Learner.

Lower school classrooms are characterized by a stimulating, caring and relaxed atmosphere. Students learn to take risks and explore their world through concrete experiences. Because young children learn best when they see the connections between subjects and when their work directly relates to their own lives, the Lower School integrates the activities of the school day as much as possible.

The cultural diversity represented among ASL students and faculty is one of the School's greatest assets. The Lower School assembles regularly to celebrate and share the cultural richness of the School.

The School is very much aware of the effects of transition and change on its students. At the beginning of each year, and again whenever a new child enters a class, activities are incorporated that encourage the class to come together as a cohesive unit-working, learning and playing together.