Visual arts

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The department believes the study of art is a creative and intellectual endeavor that encourages students to challenge their perceptual environment. It is the goal of the visual arts department to develop students' skill, technique and understanding so they may have a rich artistic experience. These objectives are met in each artistic discipline through a variety of approaches including studio/darkroom time, theoretical readings and critiques. The school's location in London, one of the finest art centers in Europe, enables the department to make use of the city's rich resources. Trips are encouraged to the many classical and contemporary galleries and museums in Britain.

Courses are geared to both novice and experienced students. While beginning courses cover a wide range of topics within specific media, advanced courses provide the opportunity for concentration and specialization. Courses suggested as a point of entry for Grade 9 or 10 students are Drawing and Painting I, 3-D Studio Art I or Foundations of Photography. These courses provide exposure to a wide variety of drawing, 2-D or 3-D media, as well as an understanding of basic art elements and principles of design. Learning to analyze and interpret artwork using the language of art is introduced during semester I in all beginning courses. All art courses incorporate technology.

All students must first take a level-I course unless they have previously taken a high school art class and have received departmental approval. There are no prerequisites for Drawing and Painting Ia or Ib; 3D Studio I; Foundations of Photography; Digital Animation; Digital Video Editing; Graphic Design: Print; or Introduction to Publication Design.