Study abroad programs

Study abroad programs provide a unique opportunity for students to experience a classroom or learning environment that is much different from ASL. The School supports several semester and yearlong programs for students who wish to study abroad in Grades 10 or 11. Information about these programs and tuition, and the study abroad application may be found below.

Need a transcript sent? If you need a transcript, please contact the Registrar with the location and contact details.  We send official transcripts directly to institutions.

Frequently asked questions

What are study abroad programs?

Study abroad programs are either semester or yearlong programs outside of ASL. Students entering Grades 10 or 11 may apply to leave ASL to study abroad.

What programs are available?

ASL has links to the following programs:

a. School Year Abroad: yearlong programs that emphasize language fluency. For Grade 11.

b. CITYTerm: semester programs that use New York City as a laboratory. For Grade 11.

c. Mountain School: Semester I or semester II programs that emphasize community values within a rigorous academic and physical environment. For Grade 11.

d. Swiss Semester: Semester I program in Zermatt, which emphasizes academics and outdoors activities. For Grade 10 only.

e. Island School: Semester program that approaches academics through a lens of sustainability. Grade 10 or 11 students, semester I or semester II.

See below for a detailed description of these programs.

What if I want to sign up for a program not on this list?

You need to speak to the director of academic advising and college counseling as soon as possible. Make sure you understand the enrollment and tuition implications in the study abroad policies.

To whom should interested students speak about study abroad programs?

Students must speak to their class dean prior to completing an application in order to measure the impact on their ASL studies. In cases where a student will miss significant parts of a yearlong class, the student may need to complete vacation work or additional work during the semester away in order to proceed upon re-entry. In other cases, required courses may need to be shifted into other years in order to meet graduation requirements. In each case, a re-entry plan will be decided upon prior to approving the study abroad application.

How can a student apply?

There are two parts to an application:

a. Students must complete an internal application. Students must speak to their class dean before completing this application.

b. Students must also complete the program’s application by their stated deadline. Please watch deadlines, especially if teacher recommendations are required. Teachers need to be given several weeks’ notice for writing recommendations.

c. Students must receive approval, from both ASL and the program, to study abroad.


For semester I: 5 December of prior academic year
For semester II: 15 April of prior academic year

Does the ASL Code of Conduct apply when the student is on a study abroad program?

Yes, because you are still enrolled at ASL and you are representing the School. You must also adhere to the conduct rules of the program.

Is there a limit to how many students can attend study abroad programs?

A maximum of four students for semester programs, and four students for yearlong programs, may be approved each academic year. If more apply by the deadline, a selection committee will decide which students are able to attend. Applications after the deadline will not be considered if four students have already been approved.

What are the tuition implications of attending a study abroad program?

Please check the study abroad policies.

ASL-approved programs

Name Description Location Length Applicants
CITYTerm Thirty Grade 11 and 12 students spend a semester using New York City as their classroom and laboratory. Academic projects build around experiences. Every other day, students are in New York City applying their learning to lived experiences. Master’s School, Dobbs Ferry, NY Semester I and semester II Grade 11 only
Mountain School The Mountain School of Milton Academy gives 45 students from 30 different schools the opportunity to take demanding classes and to work on an organic farm, developing their decision-making skills and collaborative work. Vershire, VT Semester I or semester II Grade 11 only
School Year Abroad SYA is the only secondary-level program that allows students to live in Europe or Asia with a host family, emphasizing both language acquisition and a rigorous American high school education. There are approximately 60 students on each of the SYA campuses. China
Entire school year Grades 10 and 11
Swiss Semester Swiss Semester is a program of academic, personal and physical challenges. Students combine rigorous academics with hiking, mountain climbing and skiing. Zermatt, Switzerland Semester I only     Grade 10 only
Island School High school students from around the world join a community to learn outside the walls of a classroom. With the campus and surrounding ocean as a laboratory, and with help from partners at the Cape Eleuthera Institute, the program teaches students how to live sustainably in the 21st century. Eleuthera, the Bahamas Semester I or semester II  

Grades 10 and 11

Read our study abroad policy.