Our approach to college/university counseling

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College/university counselors work closely with the class deans throughout each student’s high school experience. By the time they reach the college/university counseling process in Grade 11, each student has been guided and advised to build a well-balanced yet challenging high school program that lays a solid foundation for higher education goals. Students work with their advisors, teachers, college counselors and deans to explore their own strengths and interests; this self-knowledge and understanding helps them discover the right fit for their futures. 

The college/university counseling process is student-centered and driven, with a focus on fit in order to ensure each student’s maximum success. College/university counselors work closely and intensively with each student, advising on course selection, testing (including testing with accommodations), applications, athletics recruiting, visits, interviews, essays and a list of colleges and universities. Parents are also involved through meetings, weekly bulletins and evening presentations by the AACC office. In the fall of Grade 12, college/university counselors work closely with each student on how best to tell the student’s story in essays and applications; students also work intensively with deans, teachers, coaches and advisors to craft a detailed and supportive School Statement that highlights each student’s development at ASL.

Representatives from US and UK institutions are frequent visitors to ASL, with many of them offering presentations for students and/or parents. In additions, the School hosts a mini college fair for students. We also take advantage of the Fulbright College Fair. ASL is a test site for ACT and SAT tests and uses the web-based MaiaLearning software as an organizational tool for students, parents, counselors and deans.

While many ASL students matriculate to US institutions, students applying to universities in other countries receive the same care and attention throughout their application process. ASL students have been accepted to the finest universities and colleges in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and beyond.