High School

Welcome from the High School Principal

Welcome to the High School at ASL. Here you will find an extraordinarily talented and hard-working faculty and staff who challenge students to find their identity as scholars, artists, thespians, journalists, leaders, athletes and scientists. In addition to being prepared for their academic steps beyond high school, ASL students accumulate the skills, knowledge and experiences that ready and motivate them to make a positive impact on their communities and on the world.

Challenging coursework in all major disciplines and rich extracurricular opportunities provide students with a degree of flexibility to design a high school experience that best addresses their academic, emotional and physical development. Our 80-minute alternating block schedule and our daily conference time allow students to interact in a meaningful way with their teachers and peers. Unique clubs and activities, such as Alternatives, service trips and student spotlight, among others, make the ASL experience world class. A full array of sports, music and arts further reflects our enthusiastic and vibrant school community.

ASL promotes a rigorous professional culture that allows each of us to get better at what we do for the direct benefit of young people. We aim for excellence in learning, character, community and service. These values are central to our program and permeate all aspects of the high school experience, for young people and adults alike.

What better place to learn and teach than in the great city of London? Our students and faculty travel the country, the continent and beyond in pursuit of exciting learning opportunities, service and healthy competition. Members of the school community strive to contribute positively to the world outside of ASL and recognize that it is often we who learn and benefit most from these activities. We treasure the unique contributions our students make to the School and to the world.

We hope you will consider the American School in London as a vehicle for new and exciting educational opportunities. Welcome!