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John Farmer
Athletic Director

Office 020 7449 1300
Mobile 07540 560 590
Akay Mustafa
Middle School Athletic Director

Office 020 7449 1339
Mobile 07540 560 583

Doreen Murphy
Asst. to Athletic Director

Office 020 7449 1303

Jenny Newell
Certified Athletic Trainer

Mobile 07896 173 765

Pranay Dhanani
Asst. to Athletic Department

Office 020 7449 1414

Dan Bingle
Head Groundsman, Canons Park
Will Smeulders
Equipment & Uniform Manager
Canons Park Facility Manager

Find us

Main campus, One Waverley Place, London, NW8 0NP

Canons Park playing fields, 837 Honeypot Lane, HA7 1AR

Opponents' facilities

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