Technology, Information Literacy, and Media (TILM)

Student learning drives the application of technology, information literacy and media at the American School in London.

TILM capabilities constitute essential companions to living, learning, and working in the 21st century, and they are fundamental elements in learning organizations for all stakeholders. These components have changed the context of and provided new and vital approaches to teaching and learning. They support the development of the intellect and character of each student, and play a supportive role in operations by extending services, and improving productivity and efficiency. Meaningful application goes beyond the transmission of content or automation of current practice, and can have transformative effects on learning and teaching.

Curricular and operational goals drive the application of TILM at ASL. The integration of these factors into curricular context by skilled faculty and staff is driven by the school’s mission, the ASL Teaching and Learning Handbook, current research, and evolving understandings of best practice in teaching and learning, and comprehension of the role these constituents play in the lives of our students and teachers.

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Our mission is to develop the intellect and character of each student by providing an outstanding American education with a global perspective.
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