Please, Mr. Panda!

What is the proper way to ask Mr. Panda for doughnuts? With a ‘please’ and a ‘thank you’ of course!

On Thursday, 21 March, award-winning author and illustrator Steve Antony paid a visit to Kindergarten and Grade 1 students at ASL.

Famous for his Mr. Panda series and The Queen collection, Steve has written and illustrated more than 15 picture books for children.

Steve shared stories of his childhood with the keen and excitable group of students (and teachers!) and spoke about a Holiday gift given to him as a child—a typewriter—which inspired his love of storytelling and writing.

He then treated everyone to readings of popular books, The Queen’s Lift OffUnplugged, Amazing, Goodnight, Mr. Panda, Please, Mr. Panda and Green Lizards vs. Red Rectangles.