Every year the Annual Fund is supported by a community of volunteers.
Hundreds of ASL parents, alumni, faculty, staff and parents of alumni choose to fundraise for the ASL Foundation’s Annual Fund because they believe in the School’s mission.
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Volunteering on behalf of ASL gives us great pleasure because we believe in the importance of lending a hand when and where we can. We thoroughly enjoy this opportunity to work and interact with so many fantastic members of our vibrant community and make a difference.Parents, Lala and Akbar Rafiq ’24 ’27 

We choose to engage as volunteers because we know that both the academic and the social components of ASL require the collaborative cooperation of all members of the School community. We’re proud to be a part of this greater good. 

Parents of alumni, Janel and Glen Hastings P ’22 ’25


ASL really is the focal point of our family life. It’s a community we all feel a part of and one that enriches us every day. We are honored to participate in the work of the School.

Parents, Julia and Brad Nilson P ’21 ’24 ’26