Contributions to the endowment give the school administration and the Board of Trustees the flexibility, and confidence to grow, improve and respond to strategic developments and initiatives. Including both permanent and expendable funds, ASL has five categories of endowment:

General endowment

This permanently restricted endowment was created in 2003. The expendable income is allocated at the discretion of the Board of Trustees for projects determined to be of greatest priority to ASL.

Faculty and staff support endowment

Coreen R. Hester Fund for Excellence in Teaching
Launched at the 2017 Auction in honor of ASL's seventh Head of School, Coreen R. Hester P ’02 ’04 (ASL 1995-97; 2007-17), to recognize her years of dedicated service and leadership, and her passion for learning. Proceeds from the fund will support the Faculty and Staff Support Endowment, which promotes the attraction of the most talented faculty and staff and the ongoing growth and excellence in teaching at ASL, enabling the School to continue to deliver an extraordinary education to our students.

John R. Farmer Endowment for Quality of Life for Faculty and Staff
In 2004, in recognition of John Farmer’s P ’91 ’94 ’97 (GP ’27 ’29 ’31 ’31) 11 years as chair of the ASL Board of Trustees, the Board created this fund, which is invested to produce income to support ASL’s most important asset—its faculty and staff.

The Bandeen Family Endowed Chair in the Specific Learning Differences Program
Established in 2017, this fund honors the dedicated leadership of our faculty, and the caring and personalized education provided to our students through the Specific Learning Differences Program.

Great Expectations Fund for Faculty and Staff Support
Created in 2006 as a result of the Campaign for the American School in London: Fulfilling Great Expectations, this fund supports the trustee-approved recommendations from the Compensation Philosophy Committee.

PCA Just Imagine Endowment in Support of Faculty and Staff
Established in 2004-05 by the PCA following the Just Imagine Auction, this fund supports the trustee-approved recommendations from the Compensation Philosophy Committee.

The Sunny Neutze Prize
Established in 2011 in honor of Sunny Neutze (ASL 1984-2011), a long-serving teacher and administrator, this expendable fund awards an annual cash prize award to a faculty/staff member. A representative committee selects an individual for exceptional achievement and dedication to ASL demonstrated by a major accomplishment during a particular academic year, sustained superior performance over an extended period, or a lifetime of commendable achievement at the School.

Community enrichment endowment

Bergeron Writing Fellowship
Created in 1996 and endowed in 2000, the Bergeron Writing Fellowship is an annual writer-in-residence program. The fellowship was named for Luke Bergeron, a member of the ASL faculty until his death in 1993.

Judith R. Glickman Fund for Theatrical Arts
Established in 1997-98 by more than 20 ASL families as a tribute to the retiring head of school. Income is used to fund visiting theatrical artists, directors and writers.

Diana H. Greene History Lecture Fund
Established in 2004 to honor long-serving trustee Diana H. (Dinny) Greene, chair of the 1993 Long-range Planning Committee and vice chair of the Board of Trustees for seven years, this endowment funds history-themed lectures.

William Harris Community Service Fund
Established by the Board of Trustees in 1991 as a memorial to William Harris, Head of School 1986-91, to advance interest in and participation of K-12 students in community service.

Owens Family Memorial Fund
Established in 1989 as a memorial to Sarah ’93, Laura ’98, and parents Marti and Robert Owens P ’93 ’98, who were killed in the Lockerbie air disaster in December 1988. The stained-glass windows in the Mellon Library and a Japanese cherry tree near the Loudoun Road entrance, which commemorate the Owens family, were paid for by this fund. Each year, income is used for the Sarah Owens Memorial Award, which recognizes students who show kindness to others.

Kleh Fund for the Visual Arts
Established in 2000 by the Kleh Family Foundation to provide annual funding for events, visiting artists, exhibitions and similar undertakings to present the visual arts to the ASL community.

PCA Fund for the Arts
Established in 1997-98 by the PCA. Income is used to enhance the arts curriculum at ASL by bringing outstanding performers, speakers, visiting artists and programs to the School, and by extending the school’s cultural field trip program to maximize use of all that London has to offer as one of the most vibrant artistic cities in the world.

PCA Fund for Community Service
Established in 2000-01 by the PCA. Income is used to support the community service program.

PCA Bill Mules Permanent Fund for Community Enrichment
Honoring William C. Mules, Head of School 1998-2007, this fund was established by the PCA with proceeds from the 007 Bond With Us Auction. The draw from this permanent fund may be used by the current head of school to support additional undertakings that encourage a sense of community within the ASL family or that serve to enhance the school’s relationship with its neighbors in London.

Carmen Lewis Schaecher Memorial Fund
Established in 1976 as a memorial to Carmen Lewis Schaecher with leadership from Mrs. Schaecher’s husband and parents. Mrs. Schaecher was a member of the ASL faculty at her death in October 1976. Because of her commitment to teaching and teachers, income from the fund is used for professional development of faculty members new to the teaching profession.

Facilities endowment

Canons Park Fund
Established in 1998-99 by the PCA to enhance facilities and programs at ASL’s Canons Park playing fields.

Landscaping Fund
Established in 2000-01 by an ASL family. Income is used for beautification of the Waverley Place campus throughout the year.

Student financial assistance endowment

Eagle Scholarship
The Eagle Scholarship fund, an expendable endowment established in 2014, provides financial aid for local children who demonstrate full financial need. The scholarship will be awarded to exceptional students with the potential to excel at ASL.

The Blavatnik Family Foundation Fund for Financial Assistance
Established in 2013 by the Blavatnik Family Foundation.

Endowment for Arab Student Support
Established in 1998-99 by an ASL family to help deserving Arab students receive support while making a transition to ASL’s academic and social demands.

Fund for Financial Aid
The Classes of 2005-08 directed their Senior Gifts to this financial aid fund. It is their desire that all qualified students have the ability to attend ASL, regardless of their financial circumstances.

PCA Fund for Student Financial Support
Established in 2000-01 by the PCA. Income is used to allow students on financial aid to participate fully in school trips and programs.

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