ASL Fundraising Complaints Procedure

If a complaint or problem about fundraising is reported, as related to The American School in London Educational Trust, American School in London Foundation (USA), or The American School in London Foundation (UK) Ltd., the School will aim to resolve it in line with Code of Fundraising Practice produced by the Fundraising Regulator.
The School will endeavor to:

  • respond swiftly to issues raised  
  • maintain fairness and consistency
  • offer solutions and/or explanations, where possible
  • ensure that staff mentioned in complaints receive appropriate support
  • respect confidentiality
  • record complaints consistently, and monitor what is recorded
  • use complaints positively as an opportunity for learning and improvement.

The School will strive to ensure that individuals lodging a complaint:  

  • have their distress acknowledged, and are given adequate opportunity to express their dissatisfaction    
  • are offered a solution or explanation.

How to complain

Step 1: Inform the School

Complaints may be conveyed to the School in any of the following ways:

Telephone: 020 7449 1264
Mail: ASL Advancement, One Waverley Place, London NW8 0NP  UK
Complaints will be acknowledged within five working days of receipt.

Step 2: The School will respond

Complaints will be thoroughly investigated by the advancement team.

The outcome of any investigation will be provided to the complainant within 10 working days  of receipt of the complaint. If it is not possible to give a full response within the timescale, the School will contact the complainant to provide an explanation, and give an indication of when a full response may be expected (ideally, within a further 10 working days).

Step 3: How to follow up on an unsatisfactory outcome

If the outcome is not satisfactory to the complainant, the School should be informed as soon as possible, and within 5 working days of receipt of the School’s initial findings. In this situation, complaints will be escalated to a member of ASL’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

An acknowledgement will be sent in writing within 5 working days of receipt of the follow-up response, and an expected timescale for the follow-up review process will be given. After careful consideration, the SLT member responsible for the review will write to the complainant, clearly setting out the outcome of the follow-up review and the rationale for this decision.
This follow-up review will be completed within 25 working days of receiving the initial complaint. If an extension is necessary, a reason and an update will be provided.

Step 4: Taking the complaint beyond ASL

In the event of an outcome that is unsatisfactory to the complainant, the issue may be taken up with the Fundraising Regulator.

The Fundraising Regulator is an independent, non-statutory body that regulates fundraising across the charitable sector in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This body works in partnership with other regulators and the representative bodies in the charitable and fundraising sectors to build public confidence and ensure consistent fundraising standards across the UK.

ASL is committed to abide by any decision reached by the Fundraising Regulator on complaints which have come under its review.
View more information on the Fundraising Regulator and the Code of Fundraising Practice.