Senior Macbook Lease Program

ASL freshman students who start Grade 9 with a brand new MacBook may find that it lasts for four years, and then they can start college with a new laptop. In general, MacBook longevity has been improving, and school-owned MacBooks normally last for four years before they are retired and given to charities.

Heavily used or damaged MacBooks may fail after three years, so ASL offers an optional one-year lease program for HS seniors who would like to use a ASL-provided MacBook for all or part of their senior year, so that they can start college with a new laptop of their choosing. 

The cost of the senior lease program is £250 per year. The provided MacBook will be loaded with school-provided software and be no more than two years old at the start of the school year. Unlike the MS laptops, HS seniors will be local administrators on the MacBooks and be able to install their own software. Like the MS laptops, there will be a shared responsibility agreement between ASL and the family for breakage or loss.

Juniors who wish to lease a MacBook from ASL for their senior year need to email by 1 June so that ASL can prepare or order appropriate numbers of MacBooks for the following year. The leased laptops can be picked up starting in the last week of August and must be returned before the last day of the academic year.