The School operates a daily bus service for Grades K-12, using several private hire bus and coach companies.

The majority of students are able to enjoy a door-to-door service. When this is not possible, the transport office designates a pick-up point as near as possible to the home, and parents are expected to escort their younger child/ren to and from the bus.

Although the companies make every effort to keep a regular driver on each run, this is often not possible for a variety of reasons. If the bus is not required to pick up a student on a particular day for reasons of illness or vacation, parents are requested to inform the transport office directly, not the drivers or couriers. The transport office can be notified by fax, email or telephone.

Transportation at ASL is a team effort. The transport office, the bus drivers, parents and children all cooperate to ensure that students are safe and secure on their way to and from School.

Transport office contact details
Monday-Friday, 7 am - 6:30 pm
Transport Office -  020 7449 1292 or 1272
Security Front Desk -  020 7449 1389
Main Switchboard -  020 7449 1200
Emergency contact number -  07540 560 641