The nurses office provides a responsive and accessible medical service from 7:45 am to 3:45 pm, Monday to Friday. This service is primarily for ASL students but also for ASL employees.

The medical department is staffed by registered nurses during the school day. In addition to assessing and treating illnesses and injuries, and referring to other medical professionals, the nurses are a source of healthcare information. They can offer guidance on using the National Health Service, and provide lists of healthcare facilities and practitioners in and around central London. Informal visits or telephone inquiries from parents are most welcome.

Adam Bonnington, RN
Amy Curtis, RN

020 7449 1262/1252


If a student or staff member requires urgent medical attention after hours, the security personnel are the designated staff who will assist in notifying emergency services.

It is a requirement that before starting school, parents must complete the ASL Health Record detailing their child's medical history and any other issues which may affect your child/ren's health or academic performance. It is also important to keep the medical department informed of any significant changes that occur during the school year. It is essential to provide the School with emergency contact numbers and, if you are out of town for a period of time, the telephone number of your child's guardian. The medical department respects patient confidentiality at all times except when this puts the individual or the community at risk. Medical information provided to ASL will be held and processed in accordance with the principles of UK data protection legislation.

ASL follows NICE CKS (Clinical Knowledge Summary) guidelines per the NHS. Common childhood illnesses and afflictions occur frequently at schools, especially among younger children, and rarely require exclusion. If several children in a class or grade share symptoms there may be a mention in Take Note or in a class email to alert parents.

Children who become ill or injured while at school will be excused from class to attend the medical department. The nurse will assess and treat the child. Non-prescription medications may be administered, providing the parent has signed the consent statement on the ASL Health Record. If a hospital visit is considered necessary and a parent or guardian can't be contacted, a member of the medical department, or a responsible adult, will accompany the child to the hospital and remain with them until the parent/guardian arrives.

In the case of certain communicable illnesses, the school must be informed immediately. These include chickenpox, measles, german measles, mumps, whooping cough, scarlet fever, food poisoning, impetigo, and scabies. Your child must be kept at home until the infection resolves or ceases to be contagious (please contact one of the nurses for advice). Students recovering from viral illness should not return to school until they are able to handle the full program.

The medical department provides information and guidance on using the NHS. It can also give details on how to register with a family doctor (GP) and can provide lists of NHS providers. Informal visits or telephone inquiries from parents are most welcome.

Parents should be aware that all ASL personnel are mandated reporters in cases of child abuse or neglect. Read the School's safeguarding policies and procedures.

New to ASL? If you haven't already please complete this form so we can update your child’s ASL health record. This form will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. You will need your child's GP/doctors information, immunization records, and a summary of your child's medical history and any medications.

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