Our mission is to provide a nutritionally balanced, good-tasting, environmentally and fiscally responsible menu that utilizes local, sustainably produced and quality ingredients. 


w/c 4 December








Meat free
Pork sausages served with mashed potato Halal chicken burger in a brioche bun  Halal sweet & sour chicken served with
brown rice
Halal chilli con carne served with brown
rice or half sweet potato


A variety of vegetarian quiches
Chickpea & vegetable tagine with brown rice

Creamy vegetable pie served with
potatoes & gravy
Spicy bean burger served in brioche bun  Chickpea, spinach & potatoes served with
brown rice
Cheese & tomato pizza


If you have a food allergy or intolerance and require information about ingredients, please ask a member of our team.


Our food service is managed by BaxterStorey Ltd.