ASL voices

I believe my child will do something great in this world, and a large part of that will be down to the nurture, guidance and excellent education ASL has provided! We would never have been able to afford this opportunity without the financial support of ASL. The School is giving him an education that I could only have dreamt of.ASL parent

Before I participated in any ASL community partnerships, I had no idea of the struggles people face in the wider community. I was able to read about the problems, but I could never understand or empathize with the people who faced them. Whenever I see the children at my partnerships, I consider them my little sisters and brothers. I know that they enjoy spending time with us. Community partnerships are always the best part of my week. I can go in a terrible mood and I will always leave smiling. The connections I've made, and continue to make, will stay with me forever.

asl GRADE 10 student

The commitment of ASL's faculty and staff has impacted the lives of countless individuals across cultures, countries and industries. Thank you for the gift of education!

asl alumnus