Want to connect with ASL alumni?

We are proud to offer ASL Switchboard, a space for alumni, parents of alumni and former faculty/staff to easily connect with one another. Here, you can gain advice about jobs, networking, graduate school, moving cities—anything and everything!

What is it?

ASL Switchboard is a networking platform that works like LinkedIn and Craigslist combined, but exclusively for ASL affiliates. You can either “ask” for what you need (an internship? A roommate? A contact?) or “offer” what you have (a job lead, travel tips, career advice). Through Switchboard, Eagles can leverage their status as ASL alumni to gain valuable professional and personal connections—anytime, anywhere.

How do I join?

It's easy. Sign up with your preferred email address or connect via your Facebook, Twitter or Google account. We’ll verify your affiliation with ASL, and then you can start posting asks and offers. Since Switchboard content is archived, you can search previous posts by name, organization, profession or interest.

Still have questions?

Ask us! We're happy to help. For technical issues, contact Switchboard.

For everything else, email our alumni team: