Financial aid at ASL

We understand and appreciate the financial commitment families undertake in deciding to send their children to The American School in London.

Although paying for education is first and foremost the responsibility of a family, we devote significant funds each year to a financial aid budget that helps assist families. In turn, our school community benefits by attracting qualified students who otherwise could not afford to attend.


In order to assess each family’s financial situation as fairly and consistently as possible, ASL uses the principles and recommendations of the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS). Calculations for financial aid awards consider all aspects of a family’s finances. In addition to income, the School will also look at family assets and expenditure.

A confidential Financial Aid Committee made up of school administrators examines the information provided by the SSS analysis along with other information provided by the family and makes an award based on the demonstrated need of the family and the resources available at the School. For additional information about submitting information please visit Apply for Financial Aid.

For additional information about the financial aid application process, please visit Apply for financial aid.


Given the school's limited financial aid resources, we normally do not award aid to incoming K1 students. Awards will be prioritized for siblings of current students, followed by middle school students, then high school, then lower school.

Expectations and Change of Situation

The School anticipates that both parents will participate in contributing to the tuition costs of their children. Except when there are young children not yet of school age at home, the expectation is that both parents in a family will be engaged in full-time employment. The School will impute a wage for a non-working parent. Families who experience temporary loss of employment may be considered for short-term assistance.

In situations where the parents are divorced, separated or never married, the School expects each parent to complete the SSS process, regardless of the arrangements regarding custody.

Families that enroll as full-pay families may not apply for aid for at least three years, with the exception of loss of employment. In addition, normally, aid cannot be provided if a family chooses to change their life circumstances such as quitting a job, returning to school for a higher degree, or other lifestyle choices.

Supplemental Activities

The ASL experience goes beyond the classroom. In an effort to provide well-rounded support to students, assistance is available for a variety of extra- and co-curricular activities and support both to families who receive financial aid for tuition and to those who do not normally receive aid. 

The School's resources are finite and awards for optional activities are at the discretion of the Financial Aid Committee. Normally, financial aid is not provided for summer programs.

The purpose of the financial aid program at The American School in London is to assist qualified students to attend the School and participate in its extracurricular activities regardless of their families’ ability to pay the full cost of these programs. The School believes in working with families in a partnership, and all families are required to make a contribution toward tuition. In order to evaluate the family’s demonstrated need, the School requires full and confidential disclosure of financial resources on the part of the family. This information allows the School to put together an appropriate package of support that can make it possible for a student to attend ASL.

Financial aid decisions and admissions decisions are made independently, and any enrolled student or accepted applicant is eligible to apply for financial assistance, regardless of nationality, age, gender, race, or previous educational experiences.