2019-20 tuition

Annual tuition

K1-Grade 4, £28,200
Grades 5-8, £31,300
Grades 9-12, £32,650

Paid in two instalments

Semester 1 fees due 1 June 2019
Semester 2 fees due 1 November 2019

Annual tuition

Tuition covers textbooks, laboratory fees and all required activities except for the Music Tour for band, orchestra and choir members. There are occasional additional expenses—usually travel—associated with some middle and high school classes. There is an additional fee for the support program for students with specific learning difficulties (SLD) of £5,920 (the fee for high school students receiving half-time support at two times per cycle is £2,960). Tuition does not include expenses for trips related to extracurricular activities such as athletics, Model UN or service learning.

Financial aid

ASL believes that students who meet the School’s admissions requirements should have the opportunity to benefit from the School’s programs. Financial aid may be available for tuition and for additional fees, including the SLD program and trips. Financial aid awards are based on need; applications for financial aid are assessed by the School’s Financial Aid Committee. Financial aid is awarded on an annual basis. Further information concerning financial aid is available from the website or the admissions office. Applications for financial aid may be made from October 2019.

Tuition and re-enrollment deposit

When a student is accepted for admission or offered re-enrollment, the tuition deposit of £1,000 becomes due. The tuition deposit is credited to the second semester tuition bill; the deposit is non-refundable if the student does not enroll or attend for the full academic year.

At its discretion, the School may withhold re-enrollment from any student whose academic performance or personal conduct is not satisfactory, or for non-payment of fees.

Semester dates

Semester 1: 27 August–13 December 2019
Semester 2: 6 January–10 June 2020

Annual tuition is billed in two equal installments; one for each semester.

Payment schedule

Semester 1 fees must be paid in full by 1 June 2019. Tuition paid by 1 June is refundable until 15 June if the School receives notice of withdrawal in writing before or on 15 June. Withdrawals after 15 June are not eligible for tuition refund. For students enrolled after 1 June 2019, semester 1 fees are due 14 days from the invoice date.

Semester 2 fees must be paid in full by 1 November 2019. Tuition paid by 1 November is refundable until 15 November if the School receives notice of withdrawal in writing before or on 15 November.

Withdrawals after 15 November are not eligible for tuition refund. For students enrolled after 1 November 2019, semester 2 fees are due 14 days from the invoice date. Additional fees are due 14 days from the invoice date.

The academic year is organized on a semester basis; therefore, it is not possible to reduce the amount of tuition or additional charges due, or to obtain a refund, by withdrawing a student part way through a semester.

Late payment of fees

The School reserves the right to withdraw the offer of admission if the tuition payment is not received by the due date. If the tuition is overdue, the student may not be allowed to attend classes. Student accounts more than seven days overdue incur interest, retroactive to the due date, of 3 percent above the base rate per annum.

Events outside the School's control

The regular schedule of the School may be suspended without notice during periods that the School must close because of events outside our control until such time as the School, in its sole discretion, may re-open. Such events may include, acts of God, war, riot, civil commotion, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction (including that of a local authority), accident, fire, flood, storm, pandemic or epidemic of any disease, terrorist attack, chemical or biological contamination.

If an event outside the School’s control occurs and the regular schedule of the School is suspended, then provided that the School has acted reasonably and prudently to prevent and/or minimize the effect of the event outside the School’s control, the School will not be responsible for not performing those of its obligations that are prevented or delayed by, and during the continuance of, the event. To the extent reasonably practicable in the circumstances, the School will try during the continuance of the event to continue to provide educational services (including extending appropriate educational services remotely). Parents will not normally be entitled to a tuition refund.

Bus service

The School offers a morning, afternoon and late bus door-to-door service for all students. The cost of a two-way service for each student is £3,210 per annum; the one-way service is £2,100 per annum. Partial refunds for transport fees are available if the service is cancelled within two weeks of the time the student begins taking the bus. Transport fees will not be eligible for refund after this time.

Optional dues

As a courtesy to the Parent Community Association, its voluntary dues are included on the first tuition bill.


Tuition and fees are expressed in UK pounds sterling. Once a family has established residency in the UK, the School normally requires payment in sterling. For families not yet resident in the UK, the application fee and the tuition deposit may be made in US dollars at the rate of exchange established by the School. The School does not normally accept other currencies.