Learning support (SLD)

The specific learning differences program (SLD) is designed to provide support for neurodivergent students who meet the school’s admission criteria. Students in SLD have a diagnosis that impacts their learning and require targeted intervention to address their learning differences. The aim of the program is to leverage students’ strengths, teach key skills, foster independence and maximize their potential.

The high school SLD program is designed to provide structured academic support for students with specific learning differences, while ensuring the most integrated experience possible. Students are enrolled in SLD classes as part of their full college preparatory course load. Utilizing individual student coursework and assignments, the learning specialists provide individualized instruction with an emphasis on building academic strategies, resilience and self-advocacy skills. 
Through individual instruction, students in the SLD program learn study skills and learning strategies, as well as thinking, reading, organization and writing skills that improve academic performance. The learning specialist serves as a liaison with classroom teachers and grade-level deans to ensure clear and consistent communication. 

Learning support FAQs