Grade 8

In Grade 8, students have an advisor who meets daily with a small group of students. The Grade 8 school day is individually scheduled to allow students to follow a high school-type schedule, with different teachers and classrooms for each subject. In classrooms and in the advisory, the Grade 8 program supports students to follow their passions, take risks and self-advocate.

In the advisory period at the start of each day, building relationships and guiding RULER implementation are prioritized to create a supportive advisory community centered on emotional intelligence, growth and meaningful connections. We teach the RULER approach through engaging activities and discussions that empower students to recognize, understand and regulate their emotions, fostering a positive and empathetic environment.

Students take a full year of health education and choose two semester-long elective courses from a range of selections. Students also participate in a yearlong performing arts course in band, choir, orchestra or musical theater.

Grade-level trips
Grade 8 students participate in an outward bound trip in the fall. Based at the outward bound center in Aberdovey, Wales, students and their advisors take part in outdoor physical and mental challenging activities that promote teamwork, problem solving and communication. The trip emphasizes safety, group cooperation and responsibility, and age-appropriate risk-taking that supports both social and personal development. This is a powerful bonding experience for advisories to forge bonds early in the year. This trip is of significant value to the individual student and to the positive dynamics of the Grade as a whole throughout the school year. 

In the spring, Grade 8 students travel to the beaches of Normandy to visit World War II sites in connection with their study of conflict. Students see and hear different perspectives from the D-Day landing, and focus their thinking around two essential questions: “How does conflict impact society, individuals and nations?” and “What is the significance/cost of the Allied victory in Normandy?” As a capstone experience, it is a valuable way to end Grade 8 and the middle school years.

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