Grade 5

Grade 5 is the first year of the Middle School at ASL. Students are thoughtfully and carefully transitioned from the Lower School. The Grade 5 class has around 100 students, and smaller student groups (eight advisories and six learning groups) help provide environments that are similar to those in the Lower School.

Advisory teachers prioritize building relationships and guiding RULER implementation to create a supportive advisory community centered on emotional intelligence, growth, and meaningful connections. We teach the RULER approach through engaging activities and discussions that empower students to recognize, understand and regulate their emotions, fostering a positive and empathetic environment. Students meet in their advisory at the start of each day, then participate in classes with different teachers for humanities, math, science, world languages, music, art, drama, health and PE.

Emphasis is placed on the development of skills needed to become independent, lifelong learners. Teachers strive to stimulate every child's interest and curiosity, while promoting a love of learning and a willingness to take risks. Children’s learning needs are assessed regularly, so teachers can provide experiences at an appropriate level.

Experiences that are new to Grade 5 students include receiving homework, having their own lockers, eating lunch in the cafeteria, playing a musical instrument, and transitioning themselves to their classes and after-school activities. New middle school students embrace their increased sense of independence and responsibility. 

Spring overnight trip
Grade 5 students spend four days at Calshot Activities and Environment Centre, which is located on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire. The learning experiences that the children enjoy in going away on a trip of this nature cannot be reproduced in the home or school environment. The program is varied and ranges from experiential-based activities to team-building challenges. These experiences can inspire an enthusiasm for learning, intelligent risk-taking, self-confidence and an awareness about the use of the outdoors, which is of lasting value. 

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