Welcome to ASL’s middle school's advisory program, a cornerstone of our commitment to nurturing well-rounded students.

Grounded in the acclaimed RULER approach from Yale University's Center for Emotional Intelligence, our advisory program empowers students to develop essential social-emotional skills that complement their academic growth. Through engaging activities, open discussions and the integration of RULER tools, such as the Mood Meter, Charter, and Meta-Moment, our advisors guide students in recognizing and regulating emotions, building meaningful relationships and making responsible decisions. We strive to create a supportive and holistic educational experience that prioritizes emotional intelligence, empathy and lifelong well-being.

To learn more about how RULER works, read this brief handout or visit their website.

The role of advisors

In the role of advisors, we prioritize building relationships, guiding the implementation of the RULER approach, and fostering effective communication with families. Our focus on relationships entails creating a nurturing environment, advocating for advisees and cultivating strong individual connections. We also integrate the RULER approach to develop emotional intelligence skills through tools such as the Mood Meter and Meta-Moment. Additionally, we maintain open lines of communication with families, ensuring their involvement and understanding of their child's needs. This comprehensive approach to advisory underscores our commitment to holistic growth, community building and meaningful support.