Grade 4

In Grade 4, we move toward a more formalized learning approach. Children continue to learn by doing, but they practice the skills needed to record, share and generalize from what they have learned. We emphasize the development of skills needed to become independent, lifelong learners. Producing quality work, while employing study habits and organizational skills, a thorough mastery of basic skills, and the respect and understandings needed to function in a pluralistic society are the main goals of the curriculum. Teachers strive to stimulate every child's interest, curiosity and desire to create, to promote a true love of learning, and to encourage a willingness to take risks.

We plan for children as individuals, helping each child to reach their own potential. Recognizing that our children come from many different schools and learning environments, we assess their learning needs regularly so that we can provide learning experiences at an appropriate level.

Throughout the grades, we emphasize teamwork, cooperative learning, problem solving and an increasing responsibility for directing one's own actions and learning. Our purpose is to help children to become independent, creative thinkers, while fostering concern and commitment to the group as a whole.

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