Curricular enrichment

Curricular enrichment

Field trips are an integral part of the Lower School program. ASL's location in the heart of London affords numerous opportunities to expose children to art, theater, museums, parks and scientific venues. Teachers plan field trips connected to the classroom curriculum, and the trips are evaluated regularly to assure that they continue to meet relevant instructional goals and safety expectations. Lower School students may visit such places as Regent's Park, the London Zoo, Greenwich, Tate Modern, the National Gallery, the Science Museum as well as local shops, fire stations, post offices and other places of interest that connect with their curriculum. In addition to field trips, the school may arrange for author visits, cultural assemblies, and guest speakers to come into the classroom to enrich the curriculum through demonstrations, talks, or interactive experiences.

Canons Park

In 2005 the Lower School initiated an environmental education program at ASL's Canons Park playing fields. Children in each class visit the Honeypot Lane Garden approximately six times during the school year for a full day. Activities include gardening, observing seasonal changes, cooking, art, and nature discussions. Our Environmental Education teacher, Ania Driscoll-Lind is based at Canons Park and leads the curriculum related to Canons Park. Ania also meets with classes on campus the week prior to their Canons Park visit.


Each May, Grade 4 students take a four-day adventure trip to an outdoor education center called Bushcraft. The field studies experience affords them an opportunity to grow in independence and to increase their self-confidence. The environment challenges the children to try new activities, to learn new skills and to make good decisions about taking risks and trusting others. The trip is considered an integral part of the Grade 4 program.