Lower School

Learning in the lower school is a hands-on and hearts-in experience. Students engage in interest driven and meaningful work that requires critical thinking, personal reflection and applied problem solving; skills needed for students to truly live our mission as inclusive, creative and courageous global citizens. 

Our standard based programs are designed to actively engage students in learning that is both rigorous and joyful. Through purposeful play in K1 and K2 students explore themselves and the world around them. In Grade 1 to Grade 4 inquiry-based learning is used to nurture individual interest and guide continued growth. Subjects taught in the classroom such as literacy, math, science and social studies are further enriched by specialized instruction in Music, Art, PE, Technology and Media Literacy, and Spanish classes.  Through rich core and co-curricular programs our students develop the agency to impact their world as the leaders, designers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. 

At ASL we want children to love coming to school so that they develop a strong sense of themselves as lifelong learners and leaders who will make a lasting and positive impact on their world.

Sacha McVean, Lower School Principal
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