'How to Save the World' webinar series

With Innovator-in-Residence Dan Raven-Ellison

Throughout February and March 2021, Dan Raven-Ellison hosted a series of conversations with explorers who are innovating to save the world in different ways—a great opportunity to hear from inspiring people who are on the frontline of conservation. Want to take action to help wildlife, people or places? Catch up on the series below!

'How you can use Photography to Inspire People to Care for Wildlife' with Dani Connor
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Dani is a wildlife photographer and Zoologist who is best known for photographing and filming squirrels in Sweden and Mexico. Her beautiful photography of super-cute baby red squirrels regularly goes viral, with one film gaining more than 15 million views. Dani is also a London National Park City Ranger.

'How to Fight for Racial Equality and Save Nature' with Dr. Mya-Rose Craig
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Mya-Rose, aka birdgirl, is an 18-year-old racial equality, climate and environmental activist. In February 2020, she received an honorary doctorate in science from the University of Bristol, and is said to be the youngest British person to receive such an award. She is founder of Black2Nature, which campaigns for equal access to nature. 

'How to Save Brazil's Rainforests' with Mauricio Monteiro Filho
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Mauricio is an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker with a special interest in deforestation. He is also co-founder of Repórter Brasil, one of Brazil's leading organizations in the struggle against contemporary slave labor, as well as other fundamental human rights violations. 

‘How to Protect Ocean Wildlife’ with Paul Rose
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Paul is at the front line of exploration and is one of the world’s most experienced divers, field science and polar experts. He is currently Expedition Leader for the National Geographic Pristine Seas Expeditions.

‘How to Create Green Power’ with Agamemnon Otero
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Agamemnon applies practical solutions to social, environmental and economic challenges including solar power and "energy gardens". Cofounder. He's the co-founder of community solar energy initiative Repowering London.

‘How to Tackle the Climate Crisis’ with Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim
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Hindou is an expert in the adaptation and mitigation of indigenous peoples to climate change. She is a member of the Mbororo pastoralist people in Chad. Hindou works for greater inclusion of indigenous people and their knowledge and traditions in the global movement to fight the effects of climate change.

'How you can Save the Planet' with Hendrikus Van Hensbergen
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Hendrikus empowers young people to act on climate breakdown, species extinction and environmental disasters. He is CEO of the grassroots youth environmental charity Action for Conservation and author of the new book, How you can Save the Planet, published by Penguin.

‘How to Reduce Conflict with Wildlife’ with Krithi Karanth
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Conservationist Krithi Karanth is working to reduce wildlife-human conflict in India. Krithi has conducted extensive research on mammal extinctions and human-wildlife conflict with animals including elephants and tigers. 

‘How to Rewild Cities’ with Elliot Newton
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Elliot is a nature conservationist who is working to rewild London by improving habitats and reintroducing species. He's crowdfunded the reintroduction of Water Voles and is hoping to do the same with Beavers next. 

‘How to Save Endangered People’ with Ella Al-Shamahi
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Ella is a National Geographic Explorer, palaeoanthropologist, evolutionary biologist, TV presenter... and stand-up comic. She specialises in Neanderthals, caves and expeditions in hostile, disputed and unstable territories.

‘How to go on Adventures’ with Dwayne Fields
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Dwayne Fields was the first young black Briton to walk 370 miles to reach the Magnetic North Pole. Dwayne has many adventures planned, including a project to take a group of under-privileged young people to Antarctica on a specially chartered expedition ship.

‘How to be a Plastic Detective’ with Imogen Napper
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Imogen is a marine scientist at the forefront of the plastic pollution crisis. Her research focuses on the sources of plastic pollution going into the ocean and creating solutions to stop it.