Innovator-in-Residence Program

2022-23: Francesco Tamburrino

Our Innovator in Residence 2022-23, Francesco Tamburrino, worked alongside Computer Science Department Head Livia Piloto to run an entrepreneurship program for a group of high school students over the course of the year. The students met every other week to learn about this exciting topic and create their own businesses. They began by generating and selecting ideas, carried out market research, and decided on two different ideas for startups. They used some of their seed money to collaborate with designers and created pitches for an internal panel of faculty. Following up from their feedback, they further refined their ideas. To conclude the project, two companies were created, and the students were able to reflect on the lessons that they learned throughout the process. In addition to his time with students, in May, Francesco took part in a panel discussion on artificial intelligence, as part of ASL Speakers Series.