The mission of the advisory program is to nurture the well-being of each student by:

  • providing opportunities to meet with an adult who consistently monitors and supports each student
  • addressing essential and meaningful topics that contribute to adolescent growth and development as a complement to the academic classroom
  • developing a peer group through shared experience
  • completing important and necessary tasks for academic success and community building

Roles within the program

Mentor/advisor: To support and monitor each individual high school advisee through academic, extra-curricular, and social-emotional growth

Grade level dean: To support advisors, guide the entire class through the course selection process and other class level events, and put systems in place for individual students if there is any need to implement policy. Read more about the Deans.

Examples of tasks and topics covered in Advisory

  • Individual student meetings
  • Health and well-being
  • Course enrollment process
  • Digital citizenship
  • Summer opportunities
  • Healthy choices
  • Sustainability
  • Aequitas week

Sample class-wide activities including Advisor participation:

Back-to-School Bash
Bangers and Bash

Grade 9
Halloween pumpkin carving
How to help a friend who’s struggling
“Jiggle,” with Grade 10

Grade 10
Scary movie
Cookie decorating
“Jiggle,” with Grade 9

Grade 11
Grade 11 lock-in

Grade 12
Senior afternoon teas