So long, farewell: 2023 employee leavers

So long, farewell: 2023 employee leavers

Another busy school year comes to an end, and another season of saying goodbye to dear, departing ASL employees commences. Here, we bid farewell to five retirees who have served 10 or more years at our school.

Shailesh Popat (ASL 1982-2023), financial manager

Shailesh arrived at ASL in 1982, more than 41 years ago. Kind, compassionate and an avid golfer, we applaud and recognize this special ASL legend.

“Shailesh is one of the most caring, helpful and positive people I have ever met. He has been an excellent mentor to me, and whether it’s a lesson on finance, accounting or general life, I always felt I learned something new when speaking to him. The most important lesson he taught me was to always help and serve others. I feel the world would be a happier place with more people that shared Shailesh’s values. I am grateful for all he has done for ASL and wish him the very best in his retirement—he really deserves it.” —Neil Morjaria, accounts assistant - fees ledger



Jodi Warren (ASL 1988-2023), dean of admissions

After 35 years in the admissions office, Jodi leaves ASL to spend time in Ipswich with her family. A constant “first port-of-call” for ASL families, we will miss her warmth, expertise and of course, her cakes!

“During admissions tours, I talk about our promise to develop each student's intellect and character, and somehow Jodi delivered that promise to me. I’m so grateful for what she has done for my head and my heart, and I will miss her every day.” —Caroline Lesando, associate dean of admissions


Gordon Graham (ASL 2005-23), K-12 performing arts teacher

It’s hard to imagine Bottom Yellow without Gordon, whose tenure as band director has positively impacted hundreds of ASL musicians since he joined the School in 2005. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, Gordon!

“Gordon holds a special place in the heart of the McClure family and was a positive influence in the musical lives of our children, supporting them throughout their ASL journeys. With his encouragement, our son, Cameron ’15, took up the bass trombone—which he played at his wedding last summer. Cameron says of Gordon: ‘Mr. Graham embodies every aspect of being a fantastic teacher. He makes learning music fun and exciting, and he is always pushing you to challenge yourself in order to grow as a musician. I am honored to have had Mr. Graham as a teacher for eight years, and he will be truly be missed in the ASL music department.’” —Donna and Jim Mclure P ’13 ’15, Cameron McClure ’15


Rod Anderson (ASL 2008-23), Grade 7 science teacher

Rod arrived at London and ASL with his wife, Karen Field, and daughters Kjersti ’15 and Sissel ’18 in 2008. He was no stranger to life abroad; the family had previously been posted at international schools in Prague, Czech Republic, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. In addition, Rod taught science in Taiwan, Costa Rica and Iowa. An experienced athlete, Rod has served as coach for varsity swimming, JV girls basketball, middle school volleyball, baseball and softball. We wish him and Karen all the best for the next chapter. 

“Without a doubt, Rod's greatest strength lies in his ability to make connections. He has tremendous rapport with the students and goes out of his way to get to know all individuals—not just those in his classroom or on one of his teams. He is a passionate educator, an incredible coach, accomplished sailor and a friend and colleague that will be greatly missed.” —Belle Hayward, Grade 8 science teacher


Karen Field (ASL 2008-23), Head Librarian 

Karen has been a mainstay of the Mellon Library since 2008, where she has been the head librarian for 15 years. We will miss her book recommendations, her warm smile and so much more. Check out this previous feature on Karen from 2020, and be sure to wish her well!

"Karen is nearly synonymous with the Mellon Library, where she is the longest-serving member of our team. It's hard to imagine the library without her. She is a level-headed leader, and I can always count on her to provide patient guidance when I have questions about our resources or dealing with the kids. Her sense of humor has been invaluable to all of us." —Steve Reed, Mellon Library administrative assistant 


If you would like to send a message to Shailesh, Jodi, Gordon, Rod or Karen, please contact the alumni office.