A salute to our 2022 leavers

A salute to our 2022 leavers

June brings the end of another bright and busy year at ASL, as well as the tenures of four faculty members who have spent a decade or more at One Waverley Place. We send them off with our best wishes! If you would like to send a message to Amy Cohen, Michelle Eyles, Bill Kenney or Carrie Shaw, please contact the alumni office

Amy (Walter) Cohen (ASL 2006-22), Grade 4 teacher

Amy joined the ASL community from Brooklyn, NY, in 2006. During her 15 years at One Waverley Place, she taught Grades 2, 3 and 4. Amy is looking forward to spending more time with her two young children while tutoring and substitute teaching when she can. We will miss you, Amy!
“I was fortunate to join ASL with Amy and to be her roommate for our first year. As a native Brit and transatlantic goddess, Amy became a trusted friend. She is a passionate writer and teacher with a lot of heart and savviness. Amy is fiercely creative, so I know she will bring insight to her next chapter.”Mike Boodey, (ASL 2006-present), Grade 8 English teacher 
Michelle Eyles (ASL 2011-22), Grade 2 teacher

After moving from New Zealand, Michelle was hired to be a short-term maternity cover in Grade 2 in 2011. Lucky for us, she extended her stay in the Lower School by a decade! “Michelle was the first person I met on the Grade 2 team” recalls Carrie Abbott (ASL 2016-present). “Her warmth, smile and calm nature immediately put my first-day nerves at ease.” Michelle and her family are relocating to Singapore, and she will miss this community dearly.

"Michelle exhibits the humility and grace of one who cares about every person she encounters. Every child deserves a teacher that shows this deep empathy and kindness. Such heartfelt care is what we will surely miss about Michelle.”Jennifer Abastillas (ASL 2008-present), Grade 1 teacher
Bill Kenney (ASL 1990-2022), HS science teacher

Thirty-two years ago, Bill traded his view of the Colorado Rockies from his classroom at the Vail Mountain School for the windowless science labs of ASL. He brought his love and respect for the natural world to his students in London, guiding ecology expeditions to South Africa and outdoor leadership trips to the Lake District. Bill looks forward to spending more time in the British mountains and Ireland in his retirement.
“I have so many fond memories of chaperoning Alternatives trips with Bill. We used to go hiking in different parts of the UK. He's a real champion of the outdoors, and he made those trips so fun for the students.”Jodi Warren (ASL 1988-present), Dean of Admissions

Carrie Shaw (ASL 2006-22), K2 teacher

Carrie joined ASL’s Grade 4 team 16 years ago after teaching Grade 1 at the International School of Prague. She leaves as a beloved K2 teacher with a heart full of unforgettable moments, from Little Canada and visiting the Nirvana School to zipping down the new slide on the Early Childhood playground! Carrie and her husband, Cormac, are headed to Singapore, where Carrie will be teaching pre-K at Singapore American School’s Early Learning Center. Best of luck, Carrie!
"Carrie's magic is in her ability to meet each and every child where they are, respectfully scaffolding them so they may reach greater heights at their own pace and on their own terms. In doing so, she provided opportunities for my children to flourish academically and socially, which, thanks to her, they have the confidence to reach higher—with both hands!”
 —Eve  Banghart P ’31 ’34