Teaching & learning podcast


Join Sarah Donovan and Jen Kirstein as they discuss what's best in education for student learning.

For 2021-22, the team focused on our students’ educational experiences through the lens of the four pillars of our mission: intellect, creativity, inclusivity and character. 

June 2022: Character

Interim Head of School Coreen R. Hester joined the team for their final podcast of 2021-22, to discuss the importance of character and how we foster character in our students. 

April 2022: Inclusivity

The team invited six colleagues to share the importance of inclusivity at our school, and how our teachers go about fostering inclusivity in our students.

December 2021: Creativity

Five faculty members shared with the team why they believe creativity is important and how they foster creativity in our students.

October 2021: Intellect

The first podcast of the 2021-22 introduces the four tenets of the school’s mission, and covers how we approach fostering intellect in our students with a focus on inquiry.

Sarah Donovan
Director of Teaching and Learning 

Jen Kirstein
Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning