Working at ASL—an inclusive community

At ASL, we look for talented individuals who seek to collaborate in a diverse and dynamic environment. Those who revel in innovation and creativity will thrive in our vibrant learning community, where the students are at the heart of everything we do. People join us from all over the world, drawn by our dedication to personal growth and our setting in the UK’s capital.

Here are the thoughts of some of our employees.

“I have been at ASL for more than five years and really appreciate the community environment. I work within the athletics department and am part of a great team. Being able to see our student-athletes develop through the programs that we offer is what I love about this job. The variety of professional development opportunities and the constant ability to be a part of challenging conversations allows me to grow as a person on a regular basis.” 

Pranay Dhanani (ASL 2017-present), Assistant Athletics Director, from London

“I feel so grateful to be part of an organization that encourages me to bring my full, authentic self to work. At ASL, my creative side has flourished, and I have so many opportunities to collaborate with students, faculty, staff and leaders across different divisions, not just the advancement office, where I am employed. What's more, this school values my child and my family as well as me. I couldn't be luckier.”

Libby Jones (ASL 2012-present),
Associate Director of Advancement for Alumni Relations, from Connecticut

“I love working at ASL and know I am a more effective, compassionate and skilled educator because of the colleagues I work with and the professional development that I have participated in. In more than 20 years at ASL, I have been supported in taking on new challenges; whether by teaching a new grade level or taking on a leadership role. The School cares not only about my well-being but also my development as a professional.”

Patrick Lee (ASL 2002-present), Lower School Assistant Principal, from Ohio

“After many years in international schools across the globe, I can honestly say that for me, the high professional and academic standards are the most outstanding feature of working at ASL. As ASL is a vibrant community hosting an array of backgrounds, we all bring our different personal experiences to the table, which makes for a more interesting and dynamic environment. We take pride in the diversity at ASL and celebrate the contribution that all members bring to our community in all sorts of ways, both in the classroom and in the vast assortment of clubs and activities that take place on a daily basis.”

Patricia Elsea (ASL 2016-present), Middle and High School EAL Teacher, originally from Ohio, but has lived in Peru, Brazil and Chile, in addition to two decades in the UK

“ASL has provided me with a community that has allowed me to thrive and develop as a professional, but also as a person.  My colleagues are dedicated, supportive, inspirational and always prepared to collaborate. The administration has consistently enabled and encouraged me to take risks and challenge myself, and the outstanding professional development opportunities have allowed me to pursue my passions in education and beyond. I feel incredibly grateful and lucky to be a member of the ASL community.”

Dylan Chambers (ASL 2012-present), High School Math Teacher, from London