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Learning to create and appreciate the arts is a central component of our students’ educational experience. We are very excited to offer today a view into the ongoing development of our students’ artistic identity. While the presentation of our work to an audience, in the form of a concert, art show, or play is a central element of the artistic process, the understanding that students develop through their preparation for these presentations is the deeper goal of education in the arts. In this sense, today’s performances and shows are a culmination of many varied types of learning. 

Experiential learning opportunities are a crucial component of ASL’s program. In the arts, to learn by experiencing allows students to study not just how to create art, but why. Developing an artistic identity, to see oneself as an actor, a musician, a sculptor, allows us new ways to look at the world and at our experiences. In this respect, the growth of the artistic mind, with the intellectual and emotional components that allow us to see ourselves as creative and engaged individuals, is the product that we see onstage and in the studio.

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