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The following end-of-year awards recognize character and academic achievement in the three School divisions.


Lower School award

Chris Williamson Award for Friendship and Empathy (Est. 2005)

The Chris Williamson Award for Friendship and Empathy is presented annually to a Grade 4 student. Chris Williamson, an ASL student from 1999-2003, was killed in June 2004, aged 12, while riding his bicycle near his home in New Jersey. Those who knew Chris wanted to remember him because he loved ASL, an important part of the Williamsons' family life while they lived in London. Nominations are made by classmates in writing.

Middle School awards

Eagle Awards

The Middle School Eagle Awards recognize students who have demonstrated the virtues of character, concern, respect or responsibility among their peers at ASL or within the wider community in London or the world. The awards are given quarterly by teacher nomination.

At the end of each year, students gather for an awards ceremony to celebrate the Grade 8 promotion to the High School. The Middle School gives a variety of awards to students across different grade levels. Not all awards are given every year.

Michael Baldock Award

The Michael Baldock Award is awarded to a Grade 5 student who has made a significant improvement since the beginning of the year.

Christine Siegfried Reading Award

Named for Christine Siegfried, a wonderful librarian who worked at ASL for 37 years, this award is given to a Grade 6 student who demonstrates an intense love of literature.

Mike McKeen Field Studies Award

The Mike McKeen Field Studies Award is given to a Grade 7 student with a passion for working out of doors, a superior ability to make connections between fieldwork and everyday life, and an appreciation for the interconnectedness of ideas.

John M. Lutz Award for Mathematics

John Lutz was a Middle School mathematics teacher from 1971 to 2000. Mr. Lutz was passionate about mathematics and excellence, which he described as an inextricable combination of talent and effort. The Middle School faculty established this award to thank Mr. Lutz for all his years of patience and dedication.

Ed Elliott History Award (est. 2009)

The Ed Elliott Award is given to a Grade 8 student who has demonstrated a keen passion for history.

Excellence in Writing Award

This award recognizes the growth that occurs in writing in the Grade 8 program and is presented to the student who proves to be a consistently strong writer, and who uses the writing process to actively improve his/her work.

PE Award

Each year, an award is given to a student in each grade by the PE team.

Frank Rudolph Award for Science

During his 30-year tenure, Frank Rudolph assumed many roles including math teacher and dean of students, but the role he loved best and will be most remembered for was as a Grade 8 science teacher. His former students and colleagues described him as having a heart of gold and a passion for all things scientific.

Gordon Murphy Award for Excellence in Music (Est. 2003)

The award is presented to a Middle School student who embodies the values that Mr. Murphy brought to the classroom: dedication, commitment to excellence, and most of all, a zestful love of music and its place in our lives.

Hirsh Award for Service to Others (Est. 2006)

Donna Hirsh served at ASL for approximately 30 years as a teacher, counselor and service learning coordinator. She was always focused on one goal: helping her students to grow into compassionate and active global citizens. This award is given to students who demonstrate initiative in raising awareness of others in need and in personally responding to those needs.

Hazel Culbert Award for English as an Additional Language (Est. 1998)

Hazel Culbert was an ASL teacher for 25 years. The Middle School faculty created this award for the EAL student who exemplifies the qualities of diligence, determination and courage in learning a new language at the same time as studying core subjects in that language.

Excellence in Art Award

This award honors student artists by selecting a piece of their artwork for the ASL permanent collection. Selected works are hung in the boardroom.

Alan Heath The World is My Classroom Award (Est. 2007)

This award honors Alan Heath, who taught at ASL for 34 years, and contributed greatly to the development of the Grade 6 field studies program. This award celebrates curiosity and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Karen Sellars The Courage of Your Convictions Award (Est. 2004)

The Middle School faculty established this award when teacher Karen Sellars retired. During her 32 years at ASL, Mrs. Sellars never hesitated to stand up for what she believed in, regardless of what others said or thought.

Carter-Hufford Award for Friendship in Sports (Est. 2006)

The Carter-Hufford Award for Friendship in Sports, named after long-serving PE teachers Bob Carter and Eddie Hufford. is given to a Middle School student who is:

  • a person who enjoys being active and healthy

  • a team player and competitive on behalf of the team

  • a student who enjoys challenges and is willing to take risks

  • someone who is interested in all sports, not just the ones s/he participates in

  • a person who establishes and values relationships, and is inclusive of others.


Steve Wasley Award for Organization (Est. 2008)

This award is given to a Middle School student who displays strong organizational skills and attention to detail in their academic work. The award is named for Steve Wasley, who taught at ASL for 33 years in the Lower and Middle schools.

Ruth Heuman Math Improvement Award (Est. 2009)

The Ruth Heuman award is given to a student who has made significant progress in mathematics over the course of his/her time at ASL.

Sarah Owens Award for Friendship

This award is offered in memory of Sarah Owens, who died in the Lockerbie air crash on 21 December 1988. Sarah entered ASL as a new student in September of that year. She often mentioned how grateful she was to the many students who made her feel welcome and at home in her new school. This award is given to a Grade 8 student who best exemplifies those characteristics of kindness, openness and thoughtfulness, and is voted on by the new Grade 8 students.

Stephen L. Eckard Award

This award is given by the Grade 8 teachers to commemorate the founder of our school, Stephen Larned Eckard. Mr. Eckard began what has become the American School in London in 1951 with just a handful of students. This award recognizes the student who is a well-rounded individual.

Academic Excellence Awards

These awards, made to Grade 8 students, recognize three categories of excellence: Excellence in Effort Honor Roll, Improvement in Academics Award and Academic Excellence Honor Roll.

Class Speaker

The Grade 8 faculty selects as Class Speaker a student whose academic standing is at the highest level, and who demonstrates an abiding interest in, and scholarly approach to, his/her academic studies. This represents our highest academic award.

High School awards and academic honors

Academic Honors

Honor Roll

Honor Roll standing is based on grades received at ASL over the course of an academic year. In order to qualify, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.33 or above in their academic subjects (English, world languages, math, science, social studies, technology and all AP courses) and no grade below a B in any subject. A notation of the achievement of Honor Roll status is made on transcripts.

National Honor Society

Membership in the National Honor Society is both an honor and a responsibility. Students in Grades 11-12 are eligible to apply for membership and are selected by a faculty committee. Members are selected in the first quarter of fall semester from among those who have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or above at the end of the quarter preceding selection. In addition to academics, selection is made on the basis of character, leadership and service. Students granted membership are expected to continue demonstrating the requisite qualities and to participate actively in the activities sponsored by the NHS. Violations of the terms of membership may lead to a loss of NHS membership.

Additional awards

The end-of-year High School awards ceremony recognizes superior student achievement. A number of departmental excellence awards are presented, along with several special academic and athletics awards.

Grade 11 awards

Four major Grade 11 awards are presented annually at the High School Awards Assembly, which precedes Commencement. They are:

The Head of School's International Award

Our school actively encourages students to be global in their outlook. This award is made to the Grade 11 student who most clearly demonstrates an appreciation of and respect for the customs, attitudes and beliefs of other cultures. The recipient is selected by the Head of School from nominees submitted by the High School faculty.

The Principal's Award for Leadership and Service

Our school encourages students to be active citizens in an increasingly interdependent world. This award is presented to the Grade 11 student who most clearly demonstrates qualities of leadership in the service of our school and/or the local community. The recipient is selected by the Principal from a list of nominees submitted by the High School faculty.

The Faculty Award for Outstanding Character

Our school aspires to be an ethical and humane community characterized by mutual respect, integrity and trust. This award is presented to the Grade 11 student who best demonstrates compassion, standards of responsible behavior and the qualities of good judgment in dealing with fellow students. The recipient is selected by the High School faculty from a list of nominees submitted by the Grade 11 class.

The David K.E. Bruce Award (Est. 2007)

The David K.E. Bruce Award is presented each year to an outstanding student in Grade 11. The award is based upon a vote of the High School faculty and recognizes academic rigor, determination, precision and courage. The award honors the outstanding intellectual accomplishments of David K.E. Bruce whose remarkable diplomatic career included being the American Ambassador to the Court of St. James's from 1961-69. Mr. Bruce also served as the Honorary Chair of the ASL Board of Trustees when the School moved to its current location in St. John's Wood.

The Rensselaer Medal

In addition to the four awards listed above the Rensselaer Medal is awarded by ASL, in conjunction with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, to a Grade 11 student who has completed distinguished work in math and science. Selection is made by the High School principal from nominations made by the High School math and science departments.

Grade 12 awards

The Stephen L. Eckard Award (Est. 1971)

This award, named for the School's first head, recognizes service to the School. The recipient is chosen from among the senior class by ballot of the High School faculty.

The Mary Bradley Prize for Independent Study (Est. 1971)

A senior whose consistent excellence, intellectual rigor and humane qualities representing the highest standards of the High School, going beyond the academic requirements of specific courses, is selected by the Program Committee from department nominees.

The Marcus A. Spencer Award (Est. 1975)

This award is given to the student who has promoted the betterment of relations between the ASL and British communities. The recipient is selected by High School faculty ballot.

The ECIS Award for International Understanding (Est. 1984)

A senior who is a good representative of his or her own country, able to converse in at least two languages and who demonstrates the ability to bring differing people together with a sense of community is chosen by High School faculty ballot.

The Peter Waller Award (Est. 1991)

This award is given to the senior who best facilitates friendship and interaction in the High School community. Nominations are accepted from the senior class and the recipient is chosen by senior class ballot.

The William Harris Award (Est. 1991)

This award is given in memory of the School's fourth Head and recognizes the senior who excels in both academics and athletics. Selection is by committee, based upon recommendations from the coaching staff.

Valedictorian and Salutatorian

The valedictorian and salutatorian are chosen from the graduating class by the High School Program Committee. The academic record has primacy in the decision, but grade point average, rigor of program, evidence of intellectual curiosity, and integrity are also taken into account. Candidates for these honors also demonstrate that they have taken full advantage of ASL's program of study.

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