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Middle School

In Middle School, Grade 5-8 students experience a dramatic shift in their cognitive abilities as they move from a concrete mode of thought to a more abstract level of thinking. To foster this growth, the curriculum is structured to guide students to make connections and see relationships among subject areas and within the world beyond the classroom.

The Middle School program is designed to nurture the intellectual, ethical, social, emotional and physical development of youngsters during their transition from childhood to adolescence. Students experiencing the rapid growth that occurs in early adolescence flourish in an educational environment that is distinctly different from either the Lower or High school models.

Independence and organization are stressed throughout the program as students learn to do research and use a wide variety of technologies to enhance the acquisition, analysis, communication and presentation of information. Teachers emphasize active learning, using a student-centered approach and a variety of assessment techniques. The goal is to promote academic excellence and provide a supportive and creative atmosphere, while simultaneously cultivating a lifelong love of learning.

The Middle School is a place where close, trusting relationships, with both adults and peers, are encouraged and nurtured. Such a climate allows for personal growth and to help students deal successfully with change and transition. Homeroom and advisor group time provide students with the opportunity to share interests and concerns, and experience the encouragement of their classmates and teachers. Students receive additional support from a full-time counselor and health classes at each grade level.

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