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The American Memorial Collection

What is AMC

AMC is a UK registered charity founded in 1974 that raises funds to support the Mellon and Lower School Libraries.

What AMC Does

AMC raises funds to support the libraries in the following ways:

  • Offers books for sponsorship
  • Raising funds through Amazon purchases
  • Mellon Library Birthday Book Club
  • One off donations

Book Sponsorship

All members of the ASL community can sponsor a book either in school or on line. During promotions throughout the school year, books from the Mellon Library and Lower School Library collections are available for sponsorship. Many people use this as an opportunity to make a lasting gift to recognise a teacher, student or other important person in their life. Others sponsor a book just to show their appreciation to the wonderful libraries at ASL. Books are also available throughout the year by visiting the Sponsor a Book page. All books will be inscribed to recognise the sponsorship (ebooks will get an online recognition) and if desired, a gift card will be sent to the teacher, student or other person so they know a gift has been made in their name.

Amazon Program

AMC has a program where you can help to support the ASL libraries when you purchase items through Amazon. It is very easy and costs you nothing! All you need to do is enter Amazon (either the US or UK sites) using our links below. When you make a purchase, a percentage of the total sales will be credited to the AMC account--the more items that are purchased, the more AMC earns! AMC will forward the earnings on to both libraries so the librarians can make purchases which are vital to maintaining their collections. Please create a bookmark so that every time you go to Amazon, you will go through the AMC link (and feel free to pass these links to family and friends).

Amazon UK
Amazon USA

Or visit www.asl.org/amazon

Mellon Library Birthday Book Club

AMC runs a birthday book club for Mellon Library. For those familiar with the birthday book club in the Lower School Library, this is very similar. Students who participate will be invited to come to Mellon during the month of their birthday to choose a new book to dedicate to the library. A bookplate acknowledging their donation will be put in the book and, of course, they can check the book out of the library and read it! To participate, fill out the Birthday Book Club form available below. The program is aimed mainly at 5th and 6th graders, but anyone can participate. You can choose to participate at any time during the year even if your student’s birthday has already passed.

For grades 5-12: AMC Birthday Book Club Form >>

For grades K-4: Lower School Library Birthday Book Club >>

One Off Donations

AMC always welcomes one off donations. Recently, an alumnus decided to make a sizeable donation in honor of his parents. This donation was gratefully passed on to Mellon Library which used the funds to help cover the cost of new study tables. Other donors have decided that they wanted to support the libraries but did not want to go through the process of sponsoring a book – their funds have been put to good use in purchasing new books and other materials for the libraries. If you wish to make a donation, please email amc@asl.org.

AMC Needs You!

AMC is looking for volunteers throughout the year to plan and work at their book promotions. Please consider volunteering your time and talents with AMC! Please email AMC@asl.org for more information.

Meetings :

4 September 2013: 11-12:30
Additional meetings dates to be confirmed
All meetings will be held in the Mellon Library Conference Room

Book Promotions:  

MS And HS Fall Conferences:

27 and 28 October: 8am-5pm in the School Center Foyer

LS Fall Conferences:

Dates and times to be announced, in Waverly Place Reception

After School Promotoions:

December 2014: dates and times to be announced

Amazon Links:

Amazon UK
Amazon USA

Media gallery

Email: amc@asl.org

AMC Co-chairs
Melissa Janssen and Lisa Kolaja

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